Lada Nakonechna is an artist and a researcher. As a collaboration oriented, she is involved in a number of artists, curatorial and research projects, and collectives. Since 2005 she is a member of R.E.P. (Revolutionary Experimental Space) group, an artists’ collective interested in the process of community building and in shaping a generation of engaged Ukrainian artists. She also works as a curator being a member of curatorial and activist union Hudrada (from 2008) and as educator. As a leader of a Kyiv independent educational program Course of Art, which investigates through experience various ways to study and practice art nowadays, she is a mentor for the socially aware artists. Nakonechna co-founded the Method Fund in 2015—an independent, nonprofit organization aimed at supporting and developing contemporary art and culture in Ukraine by initiating scientific, educational and exhibition projects. She is interested in art as a communal activity and fragile instrument for social change.

In her artistic practice, Nakonechna consistently analyzes her position as an artist and researcher. The aim of this problematization is the recognition of perspectives that are established through artistic methods and reproduced by the art education system. Through institutional critique approaches she investigates the connection of art with the practices of power production.

Lada Nakonechna presented her work at numerous exhibitions including solo at the National Art Museum of Ukraine, and group at Albertinum—Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen Dresden, GfZK Leipzig, Haus der Kunst München in Germany, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Sevastopol Art Museum in Ukraine, Malmö Kunstmuseum in Sweden, Kunsthalltrondheim in Norway and other. As part of the R.E.P. group including exhibitions at Zacheta Gallery in Warsaw, Kumu Art Museum in Tallinn, Kunsthalle Vienna, Grazer Kunstverein, Museum of Contemporary Art KIASMA/The Finnish National Gallery, ZKM— Museum of Contemporary Art in Karlsruhe.

She is laureate of Malevich Award-2014 in Kyiv and PinchukArtCentre Special Prize, 2013. In 2011 in Leipzig she realized project in public space - the wall drawing in the University Library “Albertina”.

Works in public collections: Muzeum Sztuki w Łodzi, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Deutsche Bank Collection, Art Collection Telekom, Arsenal Gallery in Białystok, Malmö Kunstmuseum, National Art Museum of Ukraine and of the R.E.P. group at Le Centre Pompidou, Kontact Collection in Vienna, Arsenal Gallery in Lublin among others.

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