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13.01 - 10.02.2018
Galerie EIGEN+ART Leipzig/Berlin, Leipzig, Germany


>Exhibition text by Kateryba Badianova

>Article “To detail darkness” by Karolin Krahl,, 2018

In the exhibition space, the protagonist is the motif of the traditional picturesque genre painting—the rural landscape. The idyllic, commonplace theme of the landscape lies on the surface, but it is an “accomplice in the crime”: the realistic surface of the image is intended to be a representation of reality, while the intermediary elements remain hidden in the background.

imagetest The landscape from Ukrainian soviet artist Mykola Burachek’s “Road to a Collective Farm” (1937.) Oil on canvas. Collection of the National Art Museum of Ukraine.

Фоновий режим


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>Стаття “Деталізувати темряву”, Керолін Крал,, 2018

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