Travelling head

or Conditioned reflexes #2 (tolerance, compromise, conformism)
Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle


Nakonechna constructs a situation in which the rays emanating from a static light source are refracted on the mirrored edges of a plaster head of the kind used by artists to study the casting of light and shadow. The reflected light rays cause reflections on the walls. This time, portraits of Dirk Hannema from the Fundatie Collection fall into their orbit. Being a controversial figure, he is honored in Zwolle city’s history as the donor of the collection that constitutes the Fundatie Museum. 49 Hannema portraits of a number of styles that are in a collection hardly reveal his personality.

Traveling from museum to museum, the mirrored head looks into collections, reveals the structural features of art production, preservation, representation, and other interesting or neglected stories reflected in them.